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Trailing vinca annual or perennial

Easy Wave petunias are very long blooming, will produce.
Wide, is covered in bright violet colorfast flowers throughout the season, with no bald spots.
10 pelleted fandango promo codes may 2018 seeds -.49 Qty: New for 2018 AN18147 plush lilac pearl Trailing Petunia voucher template word Seeds Warm lavender colored flowers with purple veins at the center.
Plants are fast growing, weather resistant and grow to.Red petunia received a perfect score at the Michigan State University Annual Trial Gardens.Recorded a perfect score in the Penn State University Trial Gardens, and was declared best trailing petunia from seed at the Colorado State University Flower Trial Garden.35 pelleted seeds -.99 Qty: AN07052 double taglio capelli medio lungo 2018 cascade MIX Trailing Petunia Seeds A gorgeous 5 color mix including blue, burgundy, orchid, pink, and soft pink double flowers.I appreciate that with Easy Wave Blue petunias, when flowers are past their prime, and not yet dropped, by their color are camouflaged, and not easily seen.Petunias are vigorous, free branching, and heavy blooming.
They are excellent heavy-blooming ground covers that are equally at home in containers or hanging baskets.
Flowers from spring until frost.10 pelleted seeds -.49 Qty: opera supreme series Trailing Petunia Seeds Superb trailing annuals, Opera Supreme petunias grow to 6-10.They are extremely heavy flowering: from mid-spring to early autumn they cloak themselves in dazzling, self-cleaning 1-2.10 pelleted seeds -.99 Qty: AN11636 wave pink Trailing Petunia Seeds Raspberry pink flowers.Spreading, well branched, heavy flowering plants bloom all summer.Needs light to germinate.The growth habit is mounding and spreading to 6-8.You will delight in the beautiful spreading dome shape in the landscape (very few petunias can both mound and spread).Back to Previous Page, common Name: common periwinkle, type: Herbaceous perennial.

10 pelleted seeds -.49 Qty: AN14083 trilogy white Trailing Petunia Seeds Densely covered in huge white blooms, plants are remarkably uniform and tidy.
Plants are vigorous and heavy flowering.
They produce purplish-blue 2" flowers from spring through fall.