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Beef tagliata with rocket and parmesan

Rocket salad, parmesan, aceto balsamico sauce beefsteak tagliata with porcini AND fungi mushrooms 1980 din.
Smoked slices of shark meat served on homemade bread from pizza oven, with cherry tomato and kalamata olives.
Beef tenderloin with green pepper francesca del taglia matrimonio sauce.
In butter, thyme and prawns fond cream sauce handmade agnolotti with gorgonzola AND pear 920 din.Sikter dish - desserts floating islands 350 din.Handmade tagliatelle alla bolognese 920 din.option integral spaghetti * option gluten free pasta daily meals minced meat IN wine leaves / green leaves 740 din.Tomato, cucumber, onion, hot pepper lettuce salad 360 din.Oil the steak on both sides and fry in a hot grill pan for 2 minutes on each side.It is all about having a very hot griddle pan and making sure that you don't overcook the meat.Linguine s krevetami a cherry rajaty.
Linguine with prawns and sweet cherry tomatoes.
ICE cream (one scoop) 150 din.Author: Karon Grieve, recipe type: mains, cuisine: Italian.Bucatini s vepovmi líky v pikantní rajatové omáce.French fries 250 din.I like to serve my beef tagliata with roasted baby tomatoes and black olives on the side and on a base of rocket or spinach leaves, whatever you have to hand.

Quattro formaggi sauce 360 din.
Tomato pelat, mozzarella, proscuitto cotto, champignons, olives, basil vegetariana 730 din.
L K fruit 420 din.