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All voucher types in tally

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Allow standard rate of stock item - yes.First of all in such a case only one entry is posted related to capital of the company.F7: Journal - Used for adjustable and transferable entries.Altf5: Sales Order Voucher : Used to received sales order from customer.Retain the rest of the fields as they are.It can do only when person dont known real amount.Voucher : All entries which you made in these given accounting vouchers is effect on your current accounting of your business.
Tally is accounting cum inventory software which provide different accounts, inventory features which different taxation part.
Press CtrlN to navigate to the Calculator Area and press CtrlM to toggle back to Main Voucher Entry Area.
For quick access of voucher screen, Tally gives you short-cut keys for all accounting voucher types like Sales, Purchase, Payment, Receipt and Inventory voucher types like sales order purchase order, rejection in rejection out vouchers.You can create, delete or modify other vouchers as per your requirement. .Number Scheme for different types of Vouchers : You can generate different number series for different types of Voucher for identifying the voucher as monthly or by yearly.Buttons that are relevant to the current task are enabled and the other buttons are disabled.It is a table for predefining the entries that we wish to Automate to make Invoice Creation a breezy task.